Scotland and the Storm

Scotland and the Storm. Senna had planned a trip to Scotland 4 long years ago and, somehow, ended up in Malaysia, where we met. The trip was her Christmas present and we landed in Edinburgh for our two week Scotland tour knowing nothing of the impending doom, and thus foreclosure, of Corona and our travel... Continue Reading →

Photography project: chilling men around the world

As we travel around the world, I (Senna) noticed i often see men randomly chilling on the street. I like the concept and have started to make a little project out of it. It is still on-going and as we travel we will add more 'chilling' pictures. I hope to see Adam in his old... Continue Reading →

Venice, A Watery Wonderland.

The floating city attracts the masses like most other cities in Italy. Its beauty is both quaint and breathtaking as you wander the alleys and bridges, surrounded by the grandiose Gondolas. Decorated in gold swirls and kingly red thrones to sit upon, these long boats set the scene for Venice's romanticized history (the pricing is... Continue Reading →

Na Slamníku, (one of ) the oldest bar(s) in Prague.

Na Slamníku has served alcohol for over 400 years, putting it well within the perimeters of oldest bar, a hotly contested and uncertain badge of honor in Prague. A bar that encourages local bands, entertaining nightly through the weekends, this decent eatery and good bar provides entertainment while still serving fresh beer. The outside boasts... Continue Reading →

Travel Tips For The Broke Backpacker.

We have heard the same phrases, statements and complaints a thousand times over and they all refer to lack of funds to travel. When you are stuck on the other side of the world without money, you learn to seek out opportunity like a bloodhound chasing scent. The truth is, we have our own system... Continue Reading →


The proud villages, towns and cities in North Yorkshire scatter the moors and dales amidst the farmlands and forests. From Knaresborough to Whitby, York to Masham, our little tent fared well beneath the changeable Yorkshire weather. Joined by family and friends we wandered the villages and towns, sampling beers and pork pies and indulging in... Continue Reading →

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York.

Ye Olde Starre Inn, 1644, is the oldest licensed public house in York. Serving craft ale on tap and displaying a few photographs and art from times gone by, this pub has lost a little of its character through refurbishment but some remnants of its age old beginnings do remain. Aging stained glass separates the... Continue Reading →

Savvy Travel Packing For The Adventurous Backpacker

Your backpack is the only companion that will remain with you throughout your travels. Weight issues, weather consideration and clothing amounts all contribute to your packing choices. After taking far too much and struggling to carry it around and turning down opportunities due to the lack of kit i realized i had to change the... Continue Reading →

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