Savvy Travel Packing For The Adventurous Backpacker

Your backpack is the only companion that will remain with you throughout your travels. Weight issues, weather consideration and clothing amounts all contribute to your packing choices. After taking far too much and struggling to carry it around and turning down opportunities due to the lack of kit i realized i had to change the way i packed instead of compromising my travel. Basically, i want to be able to say yes to any adventure that presents itself at any moment in time whilst still having enough to survive. This is the savvy way of packing for cold and hot weather travels so you can say yes to any adventure.

Your bag is the main piece of kit that you will always consider. A large, waterproof bag with back support will give you the space and comfort required to enjoy your travels. This doesn’t need to be overly expensive, paying for extra pockets and covers, but comfort is the main objective here so do not worry about trying the bags on, size adjustable bags are fantastic. Over packing those clothes will cost you in the long run, you can wash clothes in the sink along the way, stop at a laundrette when available and wash in a river or stream on your adventure. 

We always pack :

First-aid kit

Bungee ropes



Water bottle



Hot Countries :



Toe shoes (multi-purpose shoes)

Dive bag

Mosquito net



Cold Countries :



Thermal under-clothes

Waterproof hiking boots



Tent (Temperature specific)

Sleeping bag (Temperature specific)


Depending on temperature and weather difference, your kit should be as light and versatile as possible. Water purifying tablets are a great idea, unless you have a guaranteed water source. The greatest provider is Earth and you will find plenty of useful things along the way. I am not saying you have to climb mountains or wander jungles but, whilst in that hostel and someone says we are going to spend a few nights on this beach/mountain, it is always better to have the ability to say yes. You only need a few changes of clothes and one pair of footwear (the Vibram five fingers are the second best travel buy i have purchased) and of course your general essentials. I see and also was a person who overcompensated everything which left me unable to say yes to every possible eventuality. This time we camped on a mountain and lived on an island for four days in a hammock, cooking fish and washing in the ocean. We do smell a bit when we get back to society but hey, its worth it.

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