Ye Olde Starre Inn, York.

Ye Olde Starre Inn, 1644, is the oldest licensed public house in York. Serving craft ale on tap and displaying a few photographs and art from times gone by, this pub has lost a little of its character through refurbishment but some remnants of its age old beginnings do remain. Aging stained glass separates the multi-roomed buildings throughout and strange invitations to wizardry meetings adorn the walls. As with many ‘Oldest Pubs’ there are stark claims between different bars, each claiming to be the oldest building, brewery or continually licensed bar. A large sign spanning over Stonegate road directs the curious customer down an alleyway between two buildings that breaks into a small front courtyard and the entrance to the bar. The beer garden has a wonderful view to the top of York Minster but you must beware where you place your attention as the famed ‘Ghost Cat’ may sneak up and give you a fright. Said to have been built into the walls, this is the first ghost story involving a cat I have ever heard. The tenth century cellar was used during the English civil war to treat wounded soldiers, because who doesn’t want a nice pint after taking a bullet in the gut. A little pricey and less historical linkage than hoped, this ‘Oldest Bar’ project was a little disappointing. The potential of any ‘Oldest Bar’ lays in its lineage, to link and display this is the first step in capturing the historic audience. There are occasional snippets regarding the illustrious history regarding this building, but i felt that was no where near the level that is, not only required for business, deserved of such an iconic place. Upon further investigation, York city council and the websites pertaining towards Yorks incredible history do not sell the value of this pub very well either. Perhaps just bad management and poor capitalization upon what ‘WE’ believe to be an important part of a cities history, the place where people drank together four hundred years ago.





Click here for a link to Yorks accommodation.

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