Na Slamníku, (one of ) the oldest bar(s) in Prague.

Na Slamníku has served alcohol for over 400 years, putting it well within the perimeters of oldest bar, a hotly contested and uncertain badge of honor in Prague. A bar that encourages local bands, entertaining nightly through the weekends, this decent eatery and good bar

provides entertainment while still serving fresh beer.

The outside boasts a very large area for that cold beer in the sunshine, or as Senna drank that day as it is a fair walk to the city, a coke. Found in the historic area of Bubeneč, boasting great examples of 1920’s architecture,  Na Slamníku used to be known as the straw pallet, based on a young girls cat giving birth on one or, from a painting in 1572 from the lesser town graduate, referring to the pallet an artist uses.

Known now for its unique history and musical events, this quaint building boasts two rooms and the outside area. The local park Stromovka brings with it walkers, cyclists and joggers who stop at this spot to enjoy a beer after their exercise.

This place, for us, was a nice experience with friendly staff and a short history lesson. It did not, however, invoke such historical feelings as some of the oldest bars we have visited. It is worth a visit in our opinion as a staple in beer selling through the ages of this grand city named Prague.

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