Photography project: chilling men around the world

As we travel around the world, I (Senna) noticed i often see men randomly chilling on the street. I like the concept and have started to make a little project out of it. It is still on-going and as we travel we will add more 'chilling' pictures. I hope to see Adam in his old... Continue Reading →


After reading my friends new book, Malaysia's Canvas by James Springer, we decided to share the pictures from the engaging art scene of Penang. We already wrote a blog about Penang, but decided to share a gallery of pictures from our art tour around this magical island.          

Photography: the street art of Bologna

After spending two weeks at Lake Garda with my family, we went to Milan to meet a friend. We had 3 days together, and we all wanted to see a bit more than only Milan. Since we were planning going to Florence after, we chose a city in between. Bologna it was. What a city,... Continue Reading →

Paint a picture #1: Badnjak in Bar, Montenegro

Christmas eve in Bar, Montenegro. As soon as we crossed the border from Bulgaria to Serbia, we discovered that Christmas eve is two weeks later than the rest of Europe. Serbia and Montenegro have a Greek Orthodox religion, which we did not know. But what an awesome surprise. Another Christmas Eve! As big Christmas fans,... Continue Reading →

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