Na Slamníku, (one of ) the oldest bar(s) in Prague.

Na Slamníku has served alcohol for over 400 years, putting it well within the perimeters of oldest bar, a hotly contested and uncertain badge of honor in Prague. A bar that encourages local bands, entertaining nightly through the weekends, this decent eatery and good bar provides entertainment while still serving fresh beer. The outside boasts... Continue Reading →

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York.

Ye Olde Starre Inn, 1644, is the oldest licensed public house in York. Serving craft ale on tap and displaying a few photographs and art from times gone by, this pub has lost a little of its character through refurbishment but some remnants of its age old beginnings do remain. Aging stained glass separates the... Continue Reading →

Adams Diary #4: Nias and Telo, a survivalist adventure.

  Sat drinking a cold one with my new friend Yanis in Penang, he asked me and Senna to join him in Nias, Indonesia, and help him build Salty Dog Hostel. We agreed upon his promise of world class sunsets and spear fishing adventures. Most of our travel experiences have been enjoyable, but this adventure... Continue Reading →

Bar Magenta, Milan

  Yet again, the oldest bar is a hotly disputed topic for most cities, so we chose this one as it happens to be the birthplace of the Aperitivo. Meaning opener, the Italians love this age-old tradition, an alcoholic beverage to whet the appetite. The entire reason that Campari was invented, this light snack/nibble session... Continue Reading →

The Brazen Head, Dublin

Supposedly the oldest bar in Ireland, although as always, such things are fiercely contested. The Brazen Head, established 1198, has hosted such greats as Van Morrison, Garth Brooks, James Joyce and, as legend goes, Robin Hood. Whilst in Dublin this place is a must with its low roof, charming fireplace and aged feeling. With authentic... Continue Reading →

Adams Diary #3: Prague To Rome To Cyprus, A Step In The Right Direction

  1. Prague Setting off to Prague, as always, without a plan. We descended upon the city of Prague with three weeks ahead and no idea where to go, straight from visiting my family and friends in England. The usual sightseeing and such took place upon arrival, but the square with a few beers at... Continue Reading →

Travelling without purpose

Sometimes its clear where you want to be and what you want to do. Bali, for instance, has so much to offer that you would be hard pressed to not have an idea what your adventure will contain. Similarly, you would make a difficult choice to miss out Bali on any Indonesian trip. When we... Continue Reading →

Why travel

  There are many different people inclusive in the travelling spectrum, from soulful hippies searching for meaning, to disgruntled students hoping to find themselves. I remember when I first decided to set off. I didn’t think anything through at all. I had a decent career in England, a flat and a car, but mostly I... Continue Reading →

A Train to Nowhere #2: Rhenen – Wageningen – Arnhem

We set off in the hope that this train to nowhere would work out as good as the last one did. So, we arrived at Utrecht station, with our dice, and rolled to find our platform and pending destination. First roll takes us to a little village named Rhenen. This is a final stop, but... Continue Reading →

Adams Diary #2: with the Montenegro express through the Balkans

The Balkans: surreal Serbia, bright Bulgaria and majestic Montenegro. A trip of ups, downs and a lot of climbing up and down. Day 1, our arrival, with a full Christmas belly and an empty hangover head. After a wonderful Christmas with Senna’s parents in Limburg, we depart for Sofia, Bulgaria. We have no forward plans,... Continue Reading →

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