Adams Diary #4: Nias and Telo, a survivalist adventure.

  Sat drinking a cold one with my new friend Yanis in Penang, he asked me and Senna to join him in Nias, Indonesia, and help him build Salty Dog Hostel. We agreed upon his promise of world class sunsets and spear fishing adventures. Most of our travel experiences have been enjoyable, but this adventure... Continue Reading →

Flip the Trip, Canal Capsize

A Journey of Two Tales   My birthday was shrouded in veiled mystery. Senna had organized a night away for us both and I had no idea what, where and how we were celebrating. To start with, Senna has a fantastic eye for trips, adventures and surprises. I knew two things, one was that we... Continue Reading →

A Train to Nowhere #2: Rhenen – Wageningen – Arnhem

We set off in the hope that this train to nowhere would work out as good as the last one did. So, we arrived at Utrecht station, with our dice, and rolled to find our platform and pending destination. First roll takes us to a little village named Rhenen. This is a final stop, but... Continue Reading →

Kolasin, an idyllic town in a tranquil setting – Montenegro

Set in the Moraca region of Montenegro, Kolasin is a gem for any traveler taking the Belgrade to Bar express railway route. Cushioned between the Bjelasica and Sinjajevina mountains, Kolasin is a quaint little town with plenty of bars, restaurants and a ski slope a taxi ride away. It is an incredibly cheap area, by European standards, at around one euro... Continue Reading →

Pulau Bidan: the free ‘meditation centre’ in the North of Malaysia

I found the project ‘Pulau Bidan’ on the platform ‘Work Away’. Yep, a project, not a meditation centre, but I think this experience is close to the feeling you will get in a meditation centre. When you are travelling you want to do everything as cheap as possible. So I did with this project. It... Continue Reading →

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