Bee Keeping. Saving the worlds greatest pollinators A short video about Bee keeping with Walter. Preserving the declining Bee population and collecting honey along the way.                Small Bee-house to encourage the bee population                 Bee-Hive for honey collection Click Here For Sustainable Bee Keeping Advice

Sleeping In Airports, The Ups And Downs Before The Flight

From Milan to Malaysia, we have slept in multiple airports for a multitude of reasons. We want to save money, save time and save messing around. Within the right airports you can find both comfort, Wi-Fi and electrical points while staying warm. With some airports you can expect to be moved on, find chairs with... Continue Reading →

Koh Lanta, Peace In The Andaman Coast.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of Krabi and entering the tranquility of this island paradise put our minds at peace and our wallets in angst. Koh Lanta is not the cheapest place in Thailand but, if you are frugal and lucky, you can find an affordable slice of wonder on the beach-side to bathe in.... Continue Reading →


As we each travel our own path, we stumble upon inspirational characters from time to time. My advice is to get to know these people, attach yourselves to them and discover something new about yourself. Janis, a Latvian/Australian/Sea Farer is one such character. We met each other in my old hostel in Penang as we... Continue Reading →

Adams Diary #4: Nias and Telo, a survivalist adventure.

  Sat drinking a cold one with my new friend Yanis in Penang, he asked me and Senna to join him in Nias, Indonesia, and help him build Salty Dog Hostel. We agreed upon his promise of world class sunsets and spear fishing adventures. Most of our travel experiences have been enjoyable, but this adventure... Continue Reading →

Yogyakarta, the cultural capital of Indonesia.

    After leaving Jakarta, we took a small flight to Yogyakarta. Staying in a very basic hostel and eating as cheaply as possible was easily attainable in this pulsing city. The main stretch of bars are full of life and live music. The Warungs provided good, cheap local delights. The people, like all Indonesians,... Continue Reading →

Kuala Lumpur Big trouble in little China town

Upon leaving Indonesia, to return in a month, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur. I had organized to attend my friends book launch but screwed up the dates immensely. We ended up staying in the capital for two and a half weeks, due to my fuck up, in the market area of China town. This compact... Continue Reading →

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