Scotland and the Storm

Scotland and the Storm. Senna had planned a trip to Scotland 4 long years ago and, somehow, ended up in Malaysia, where we met. The trip was her Christmas present and we landed in Edinburgh for our two week Scotland tour knowing nothing of the impending doom, and thus foreclosure, of Corona and our travel... Continue Reading →

Venice, A Watery Wonderland.

The floating city attracts the masses like most other cities in Italy. Its beauty is both quaint and breathtaking as you wander the alleys and bridges, surrounded by the grandiose Gondolas. Decorated in gold swirls and kingly red thrones to sit upon, these long boats set the scene for Venice's romanticized history (the pricing is... Continue Reading →

Travel Tips For The Broke Backpacker.

We have heard the same phrases, statements and complaints a thousand times over and they all refer to lack of funds to travel. When you are stuck on the other side of the world without money, you learn to seek out opportunity like a bloodhound chasing scent. The truth is, we have our own system... Continue Reading →

Bustling Berlin, The pulse of Western Europe

Off to Berlin in a different fashion, this time, by car. It’s around a 6-hour drive from Eindhoven unless, like us, you hit tremendous amounts of traffic. At least it gave Senna a period of rest before the Berlin marathon, which was the reason for our trip. Eventually arriving near Alexander Platz, we disembarked from our free family vehicle and... Continue Reading →

Alternative vibes and hipster coffees in Sofia

Alternative vibes, hipster coffee bars, and restaurants for almost no money. Museums, festivals and art around the corner. Cheap and quite unknown, AND almost no tourists. With a few coins and a tenner, you will be fine for a weekend in Sofia. Perfect for the beers and backpackers. Food and Sofia We arrived in the... Continue Reading →

Warsaw: zloties, vodka and a history

What do you do when Ryanair has black Friday deals? Exactly, scrolling until you find the cheapest flight as possible. This time it seemed to be the country of zloties, vodka and an incredible dark history. Warsaw, here we come. The first word that comes into my mind when I think back of this trip... Continue Reading →

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