Venice, A Watery Wonderland.

The floating city attracts the masses like most other cities in Italy. Its beauty is both quaint and breathtaking as you wander the alleys and bridges, surrounded by the grandiose Gondolas. Decorated in gold swirls and kingly red thrones to sit upon, these long boats set the scene for Venice's romanticized history (the pricing is... Continue Reading →

Photography: the street art of Bologna

After spending two weeks at Lake Garda with my family, we went to Milan to meet a friend. We had 3 days together, and we all wanted to see a bit more than only Milan. Since we were planning going to Florence after, we chose a city in between. Bologna it was. What a city,... Continue Reading →

How to do Milan on a budget?

When somebody talks about Milan, you might think of fashion brands, big cars, expensive food and 5 star hotels. Well, this is absolutely true; Milan offers everything rich people are looking for. But for a backpacker on a budget, Milan has a lot to offer. Don’t skip Milan because it wont fit your budget, we... Continue Reading →

Escape from the tourism at the Garda Lake

We love the Garda Lake. It is breath taking, the people are kind and we feel more than welcome everywhere we go. It is perfect for people who love to walk, hike and cycle but it is also perfect for your ‘lazy holiday’. We can’t blame all of Europe that come to this wonderful place,... Continue Reading →

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